Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tyrese "Invisible Bully" Mixtape DJ CONTEST

DJ's WORLDWIDE it's YOUR Time to Shine...Tyrese is putting you on the map:


Take these songs and do your OWN version of Tyrese's "Invisible Bully" Mixtape, and he will Tweet it out!!

  • 10 Finalists
  • Winner will receive $750
  • Tyrese will host the "Invisible Bully" mixtape with the winner
  • Tyrese will do a PERSONAL drop and introduce a couple of songs
  • Tyrese will tweet the link to your version of "Invisible Bully" 10 times
  • The link to the winner's mixtape will be sent in an e-blast to over 200,000 fans and industry heavyweights
  • Send QUESTIONS and CONTEST submissions to:
  • Choose from one of two Mixtape covers and make your OWN version
  • DEADLINE: September 20, 2012

Mixtape Cover Choices:


  1. It is hot u need to let this hit tha store so it can be # 1 every where

  2. How many of the 50 tracks should we use cause i'm about to go in on ALL of them

  3. Kool Contest, I'll go ahead & knock it out as soon as we get off this tour!! #HoodHardGang


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