Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tyrese aka Black-Ty "Invisible Bully" Mixtape FREE DOWNLOAD...

We've gotten over 100,000 downloads in LESS than 24 hours!

Tyrese teamed up with Dubcnn to serve up over 50 tracks of some of his greatest music on this mixtape just for his fans. The 400mb file can be downloaded all at once, in two parts or by each individual song for your convenience. Get the FREE Download Here!

For Tyrese fans and followers across the world Dubcnn has once again teamed up with Black Ty aka Tyrese to offer another incredible collection of some of his greatest music.

Over 50 tracks deep, this is the single biggest collection we've ever distributed!

A message from the man himself
I believe ....

"Every Gift' taken for granted will become some form of a curse, I'm blessed w/ the Gift' of music in many forms.. Singing, rapping, writing and producing ... Life without music is like not breathing... 50 songs from the heart belong to you... Some old some new.. Love it, Feel it, Embrace it....

I jumped on the mic as a singer-turned.MC, caught a lot of heat and controversy for doing it and now all a sudden every singer has an alter ego and wanna rap.... And a lot of rappers are trying to sing... Classic Lol!!!! Music is music, there is no such thing as "STAY IN YOUR LANE..!!" WHEN YOU'RE A LANE CREATOR!!!

The release of this Invisible Bully Mixtape is bitter sweet because the day I finalized it, we lose a music GIANT in Chris Lighty our big brother, friend and mentor who wanted nothing more than to share and help everyone... Let's all pray for his family and close friends... He was one of the first to believe in me as Tyrese & Black-Ty
( R.I.H ... (Rest In Heaven) "

-Tyrese aka Black-Ty-

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  1. Downloaded all 3 parts, and gave it a preliminary listen to begin with...I'm now ready to take it in lyric for lyric, and note for note this weekend!!


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