Monday, April 15, 2013


Think of your LIFE as a BOAT.  The rules and guidelines of every boat have this key word that is a matter of life or DEATH:  CAPACITY.
In your own worlds, there are TAKERS, LEECHES, negative people or things and situations that suck you DRY and look at you after you are near death and ask, “What's wrong with you?”
Think of the people IN your life as the people ON your BOAT.  Some people are good; others are not so good for your life. 
God’s plan around your life has already been carefully planned and mapped out.  I call this Life's God given Blueprint.  The BLUEPRINT and plans around your LIFE were mapped out long before you were born.  Unfortunately, in most cases, we self-sabotage and self-defeat ourselves leading to us BLOCKING our OWN BLESSINGS set forth in the Blueprint.
It's my belief that every God given GIFT that's taken for granted will become some form of a CURSE if not handled and respected properly.  You have to unapologetically get rid of all THINGS, people and situations that are distracting you from your GIFT.  
Why would you purposely stop your boat from reaching its ultimate destination by keeping dysfunctional people ON your boat when it has already been clearly revealed to you that you’re over capacity?
If you were destined to arrive at the BEST PLACE and SPACE in your life in 5 months, keeping these HORRIBLE people ON your boat or IN your life will create misery, pain, drama, dysfunction, heartaches, disappointments, letdowns, the spreading of all of your business and secrets and ultimately HOLD YOU BACK from reaching this beautiful place and SPACE that God has destined your life and career to be in.
Bottom line is you are aboard a BAD BOAT.  You decided to keep bad people in your life and around your innocent child/children who are not there with good intentions for you, your career or kids and family.  Your kids are innocent, and they are relying on you to keep them safe and protected from bad people.  Why would any man or woman who CLAIMS they love their kids continue to bring fucked up people and situations around their kids and family to purposely STOP them from providing?  Who does that?
It's a new season in your life.  You being OBEDIENT to God’s visions and plans He has NOW put over your LIFE will be met with BOLD signs and wonders.  These will ALL be signs that you are moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION.  If you continue moving and THINKING and surrounding yourself with the same TYPE of people that were around before He sent these signs to you, there is something wrong and the direction you’re headed in needs to aggressively be changed.
Do not write these signs off as “just” coincidences.  Coincidence is GOD’S WAY of REMAINING anonymous.  Being obedient to God’s vision will ALWAYS be met with the greatest FRUITS and blessings. 
While it is true that God has a plan around your life, The "Blueprint," He also gave us FREE WILL.  So, YOU have to decide TODAY to MOVE and DO better because you KNOW BETTER. 
Save this as a reminder.  Read this more than once.  Process this and grow. 
This message is my gift.  You are a part of my circle now, and I welcome you as a pleasant spirit in these circles. 
Iron sharpens Iron.  Men sharpen MEN!!!!  Fly ON!!!!  Fly ON!!!!

Just like YOU were affected by my heart poured into this message, I need you to commit to sending this to 10 people who YOU know of that need to see this.  Facebook it, tweet it, blog about it, use any means necessary to get this message out.  
Lastly, no one famous ever changed my life.  When I was broke, no one with millions ever showed up to pay my bills.  These days, in most minds when it comes to giving back most believe that it's only in the FORM of cutting a check.  That's great too, but I want you all to make a commitment to reach out to 7 people this week and HAVE A CONVERSATION with them about whatever they are going through.  It’s MY belief that you can't be stressed, depressed, irritated, bothered or miserable about things that you have CLARITY over.  
You WILL GROW through what you GO through...

Because you sleep at night doesn't mean you’re 'resting.'  If your life and surroundings are a NIGHTMARE and you are always knee deep in drama, dysfunction and conflicts while you’re AWAKE, those nightmares are going to follow you into your sleep.  

Waking up after a full night’s rest and still feeling tired is because your MIND and SPIRIT were wrestling throughout the night. 

I rest well at night because misery and dysfunctional people have no place in my life. 

I've realized over the years that it’s not lonely at the TOP if you help someone else get there.  I hope and pray every day that something I do and say will give HOPE to the hopeless, INSPIRE the uninspired and MOTIVATE the unmotivated. 

Take my hand and hear my HEART in this word today.  


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