Sunday, June 26, 2011

My new album "Open Invitation" is coming 


"Too Easy" ft. Ludacris
Listen to a sample of both singles here:

"I Gotta Chick" ft. R.Kelly & Tyga (from Young Money) (dirty)  


  1. love it!!! can't wait :)bring out "I Gotta Chick" first please!!


  2. i haven't heard anything yet, but i for dam certain it's a banger @dalovewire on twitter

  3. Love it ...Keep it comin Tyrese !!!!

  4. Love it cant wait for the cd to drop!!!

  5. Like I said, that was real talk on the Mo Nique Show! Not judging, but I notice that what you talked about on the show, you know, how black men should conduct themselves and be responsible. Well, your song I gotta a chick, contradicts your message (dirty Version). How do we expect young black men to grow when you promote the very same thing you speak against in your book! Think about it!

    I am just trying to roll with you, I will support you regardless, because I just simply love your music. I am just saying, because I know it's hard, the people want to hear songs about fu....., and sharing women etc!! This comment is not a put down, it's a pull over! I was so proud to here you talk the way you did and about the things you experienced, your the greatest. Brother's forever, SHAMEL TWITTER@MLP/OFFICIAL

  6. Hey Tyrese,
    Nice songs,cant wait till they come out!
    hope every thing is fine your way. :)

  7. I love the new song and I am reading the book now. U r the best love u. Kedra

  8. I dont like the first track but the second one sounds like the Tyrese I love! The second track is like "lately" Tyrese and thats the Tyrese we all love!

  9. I'm overjoyed your bringing your voice back into the R&B world it has been missed! I love your music I've been a fan from day 1, I still have to get your book the things I've heard & the interviews you've done regarding your book brings on a whole different side. Love it @chocoqt34

  10. Stay reminds me of the 90s love it! And I'm glad you're working with Ludacris.

  11. Tyrese, I purchased your Open Invitation on yesterday 11/1/11 at Best Buy in North Charleston, SC and I am listening to it for the 4th time, 1st time today. I love it. Yes you were missed. Love you on the big screen, but nothing like your voice in by bedroom with the woman I share my love with. Thanks for all the memories and the ones to come. God bless you and everything you do.

    Love one of your millions of fans.

    Yolanda Elbert


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